Fruits and food bags packing tips!

Urban and rural fruit consumption has appeared to buy fresh fresh, a small number of times the characteristics. And now on the market more than 10 kilograms of fruit in the box, of course, do not meet the needs of most consumers. In response to this feature, some dealers introduced 3-5 kilograms of packaging, or even less. These small packaging fruit favored by consumers, sales doubled.Fine qualityForeign fruit frequently impact on the domestic market, often in the packaging to find a breakthrough. Some of the domestic quality fruit, its appearance color and internal quality can compete with foreign goods. Especially in recent years, printing, printing, special modeling and other fruit, as long as the packaging to keep up with, can occupy the domestic boutique market, and even go abroad to participate in international competition.TransparentAccording to a sample survey, more than 95% of consumers in the purchase of boxed fruit should be out of the box to view. Some farmers in the packaging part of the transparent material, both to increase the beauty, but also improve the consumer's desire to buy and trust, can be described as the best of both worlds.CombinationSome dealers are ingenuity, according to a certain type of combination packaging. Such as different switches of round apples, long bananas, string grapes for packaging, promotional effect is very obvious. In addition, according to different colors, different nature, different origin of the combination of packaging. From another point of view, can also be a variety of fruit according to a variety of combinations of packaging. For example, a box of Apple contains Fuji, Qin Guan, Guoguang and other varieties, consumers are willing to enjoy this one pint of treatment.diversificationFor the current fruit more use of the mechanism of square carton packaging phenomenon, some farmers made a new attempt, the promotion effect is very good.Production, starting from the shape, starting with the shape, with a round, to the shape, even the shape of the shape of a square instead of; Third, start from the production process, change the shape of the carton, plastic box, metal box instead of carton; Mechanism for the craftsmanship.Some dealers from the use of the focus, launched for their own cheap, gift blessing, travel convenience, origin commemorative and other packaging.In short, every new change, can stimulate a new consumer desire, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding sales.Next: When buying food bags must pay attention to the following sensory standards!